Our flavours are:

1 x Turkish Delight Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich - A subtle pink macaroon filled with turkish delight filling and turkish delight ice cream, dipped in white chocolate and finished off with chewy turkish delight tots.

1 x Ferrero Rocher Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich - A chocolate macaroon filled with Nutella filling, hazelnut brittle and triple chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate.

1 x Passionfruit Cheesecake macaroon ice cream sandwich - A bright yellow macaroon filled with passionfruit milk chocolate filling and passionfruit cheesecake ice cream, drizzled in milk chocolate.

1 x Lemon Meringue macaroon ice cream sandwich - A white macaroon filled with lemon curd, lemon ice cream & toasted meringue.


Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich



Handmade Ice Cream and Sorbet