Are you picking up an ice cream cake or tubs of ice cream and sorbet? Should your drive home be longer than 20min, please add dry ice to your order. An extra kg of dry ice will give you an extra 1-2 hours to to your destination. If you have opted for delivery, we will add some dry ice if needed to ensure it gets delivered to you safely.

This product cannot be ordered for delivery by itself.

Dry Ice per kg

    • Always handle dry ice with insulated gloves as dry ice is -78.5°C and may cause cold burns if prolong skin contact.
    • Dry ice is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-conductive.
    • Do not ingest dry ice.
    • Do not allow unsupervised children near dry ice.
    • Do not store or pack in completely airtight containers. The sublimation will cause any airtight container to expand and possibly rupture or explode.
    • Intentional misuse of dry ice may be harmful or fatal. Always use extreme caution where handling dry ice.