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No churning back!

With the Nationwide lock down in full swing, and stocks on a low, we know you will be missing the best Ice Cream in town! We are here to help with a NO CHURN ice cream recipe- just for you. Get your kids together and create some memories!

Yield: 1.2ltr

Preparation: 45min - 1 hour Freezing time: 6 hours / overnight Difficulty level: Medium


1ltr double thick / whipping cream 100g icing sugar 120g sugar 150ml milk 30g salted butter 10ml maldon sea salt


Heat the milk and butter in a pot and keep warm.

Place the sugar in a non stick pan in an even layer on a low heat.  It should start to liquefy at the edges first with a few spots in the middle.  Begin to drag the liquefied sugar towards the centre, keep on doing this until all sugar has liquefied.  Keep an eye on it as it will darken very quickly. Once it has reached a nice amber colour add the warm milk and stir until all sugar has dissolved.Leave to cool down completely and mix in the maldon sea salt. Whip the cream and icing sugar together until stiff peaks form.  Using a rubber spatula, gently fold the whipped cream into the cooled salted caramel.  Pour the ice cream mixture into a container of your choice, cover with a lid or clingfilm and place into a freezer for 6 hours or preferable overnight. 

*For alternative flavours substitute the caramel (120g sugar, 150ml warm milk, 30g salted butter and 10ml maldon sea salt) with 200g of a filling of your choice. Peanutbutter / Melted Chocolate / Jam / Store bought caramel. Get creative!

**Please note that this recipe is written to NOT use an ice cream churner, therefor the consistency will be different to our ice cream. Expect it to be a little bit icy but still creamy.



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