Our story

A long long time ago..

Karien, our owner, fell in love with a premium ice cream brand whilst working as a chef in London. This was her treat of choice on her off-days. 


She was never quite fond of ice cream as a child, but soon realised that that was because South Africa wasn't the country where homemade and good quality ice cream was well known or readily available. 


Upon her return she worked a few years as a fine dining pastry chef and learned skills from many well known chefs. 


When an opportunity presented itself in 2011, she grabbed it and WhiskAway was born.


 Our Products

are made from real ingredients

We like to make people feel good and eat good and that is why we source ingredients that will deliver on taste and texture without needing artificial additives.  We are devoted to making better ice creams and sorbets. Everyone should have access to proper, good quality frozen products and we offer that solution the public as well as the hospitality industry.


Our Scoopshop

Visit our shop in Waterkloof and choose a scoop flavour for a sit down or walk around treat. We offer Take Home options too, ranging from tubs for your freezer, frozen waffles, toppings and sauces and ice cream sandwiches. See you soon!


Carb Conscious


Sugarfree options suitable for our carb conscious clients. We use stevia and erythritol as sugar substitutes.


Ice Cream Cakes

for any special occasion

Whether it is your child's birthday, an office party or your wedding, we can create a special ice cream cake which will surely impress your guests.

Weddings and other events



and more frozen treats

We offer individual dessert options to serve at your dinner party or big corporate function or even restaurant and hotel. Make your life easier by allowing us to be your Head Pastry Chef.


Handmade Ice Cream and Sorbet